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Reglochill anticipates innovation while respecting the environment. The new series of low environmental impact chillers is born from Reglochill’s commitment to an eco-sustainable future.

13 December 2022

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the global refrigeration market is set to grow dramatically over the next 10-15 years as the cumulative effects of climate change, urbanisation and income growth accelerate rapidly.


Given the growing demand, it is necessary to increase access to refrigeration without exacerbating current emission levels, so it is essential to move towards more efficient and climate friendly cooling. The transition to affordable low or zero carbon energy is indeed crucial to ensure that future use of cooling does not further increase CO2 emissions.


Policy makers, NGOs and citizens all play a critical role in the move towards efficient and climate friendly refrigeration systems. However, businesses will play an increasingly important role.


Our Mission : a greener industry


For this reason, Reglochill has developed a new line of highly performing and environmentally friendly green chillers. In fact, the industrial chillers of the new series are equipped with refrigerant gases with low global warming potential (GWP, Global Warming Potential) and with zero values in terms of ozone depletion potential (ODP, Ozone Depletion Potential).   These are therefore particularly eco-friendly and efficient solutions in terms of performance and safety.


Our commitment does not end here, our research team works every day to design and develop smart and sustainable alternatives. We want to throw ourselves headlong into the challenge of climate change and the resulting inequalities, making our products safe and green and helping to achieve the goals set for sustainable development in the 2030 Agenda.


New Lines of Eco Friendly Chillers!


Reglochill presents a new series of eco sustainable refrigeration units that differ from each other for the different degree of ECO2 chillers, loaded with R134a gas, have a zero ozone elimination potential, a Global Warming Potential of 1,430 and a flammability class A1 (non flammable). It is an eco friendly refrigeration system capable of ensuring high performance up to a maximum air temperature of 53°C.


The ECO3 model is even more performing since, loaded with R513a gas (XP10), it is characterised by a value equal to 572 of GWP, an ozone elimination potential equal to zero and, like the ECO1 model, it guarantees excellent performance up to 48° air temperature.


The ECO4 refrigeration units, on the other hand, exploit the R1234ze gas and are distinguished by their highly green characteristics, the GWP value in fact is equal to 6, with a flammability class A2L (slightly flammable). In addition to being one of the models with the least environmental impact of our series, this model guarantees excellent performance up to 53° degrees.


However, it is the ECO5 refrigeration unit that is the most eco friendly product in our line. Loaded with R290 gas, (Propane), this model withstands up to 48° of air temperature and has a GWP value of 3 and a zero ODP, characteristics that make this model the solution with the lowest environmental impact.


If you are interested in Reglochill’s new series of eco sustainable refrigeration units, you can contact the Motan Colortronic Limited Sales Office on 01246 260222.


Our team will take care of your project by offering you the best high efficiency green solutions.


Karl Miller

Managing Director

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