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The IES-System is a patented, integrated, high-tech and economical water cooling system. This sophisticated, fully automated system, composed of scroll compressor units with a unique addition of a high yield exchange battery, provides cold water at the temperature required by the production process, for the entire 12 months of the year, but with the huge advantage of the use of a "free" water/air thermal exchange. 

• Energy saving up to 80% compared to traditional chillers
• Ecological refrigerant R407C
• High efficient scroll compressor groups and copper tube /
   aluminium finned condenser
• Removable an cleanable aluminium filter
• Internal closed tank
• PLC controller with user friendly MMI

Main characteristics:
Condensation: Water / Free cooler
Refrigerant: R407C
Cooling Capacity: 65…520kW / 52’900…430’000 Kcal/h
COP: up to 30 kW/kW
Pump Capacity: 180…1430 l/min / 3.3…4.0 bar
Ambient temperature: max. 40°C


Key features:
• Modular design
• Outdoor protection class (IP55)
• Fan speed controller to regulate free cooling
• Independent gas circuits for units with more than one compressor
• Removable and cleanable “Shell and Tube” evaporator with high efficiency
• Energy recovering system – HES (Option)
• Automatic water refilling system (Option)
• Manual bypass or automatic bypass to keep a constant pressure on the user circuit