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Sponsorship has been generously provided by Motan-Colortronic UK Ltd to help CSALS train more people to save lives. CSALS offer a free online first aid course in partnership with Virtual College as well as practical first aid training.

27 June 2022

Karl Miller, Motan-Colortronic’s managing director, said: “It’s good to be able to help CSALS achieve their aim of providing more people with vital first aid skills.

“Everybody needs help. If you ring for an ambulance or a doctor, it can sometimes take hours for a response and that’s too late.”

Debra Johnson, CSALS’ community facilitator, said: “I would like to thank Karl for his valued support, which is very much appreciated.

“Around 9,000 people have completed our course and we know from feedback that some lives have been saved as a result, proving that we are making a difference.”

CSALS visit schools and organisations to encourage more people to learn first aid.

To take the online course, provided in partnership with Virtual College, please visit

*Photo shows, from left to right: Karl Miller (left), MD of Motan-Colortronics (UK) Ltd, Dr Cheryle Berry MBE (CSALS trustee), John Hutchinson (CSALS trustee & lead trainer) & Debra Johnson (CSALS community facilitator). Photo courtesy of Tina Jenner.

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